Thursday, November 29, 2012

Doubled up

This current weaving project is very pattern heavy... I have 120 repeats that I just follow very closely.  It's somewhat enjoyable, but I like the other kind of weaving better where I just look at a pattern, memorize it, and carry on.  This one is so number heavy that I decided to mark my treadles because I'm constantly counting them out and pressing 2 down at a time.  This saves so much time!!  And energy!!

I just printed numbers off on the computer, cut them out and taped them on!  They are removable, as long as I don't leave the tape on for too long!

This is my make-shift magnetic board, that also helps with the 120 repeats!  My stamp magnet (in the middle) helps me keep my place, and it's just stuck on the back of a cookie sheet.  It's so much easier to slide the magnet as I go than to use a post-it note.  The post-it note looses it's stickiness by the time I get to the end!  And then it falls off sometimes and I lose my place altogether. This is a much better way to go:

Here are my latest snowman experiments.  This first one is 2 strands of the pattern yarn, which is the same size as the warp and tabby weft.  So theoretically the pattern weft is doubled in size.  Each yarn is 12/2 in size.

Here is the same pattern in 8/2 cotton.  I think I like the above one better because it is still easier to see.  And I like the colors better in the above one.  The pink works better with the blue.

I get a kick out of the back of the piece!  It's funny looking at the opposites!  

Now I just need to wash these samples.  I have one last experiment to run before I make my final decision.  I want to spin two strands of 12/2 cotton together on my spinning wheel to use as the pattern weft.  I'm eager to see what kind of snowman that makes.  So far, I like the doubled size, but I wonder if I spin it together if it will change it very much.  I love to experiment with my weaving!