Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The M-awl

It's a Man Shawl... so a M-awl for short!

Remember this scarf??
I loved the stripes!

 Here is the pattern:

The stripes aren't as apparent on the big project as they were on the scarf.  It's more of a scattering of color, which is cool... but I definitely liked the stripes!  

Here's a bigger shot of the whole thing.  It is very pretty and super soft!!

I actually ran out of black and didn't want to buy more black just for the last 1.5 inches, so I improvised with navy.  You can see it on the right in this picture.  However, in real life, it's not as apparent.  It's just that I used my flash in this picture and it picked it up really well!  I guess I should have spread out the navy yarn throughout the whole warp, but it wasn't that important to me.  I mean, this isn't going to be leaving the house!

But I think it will make Brian very happy... and warm!

The entire warp was actually free because the black yarn was given to me.  

That's just awesome!!  I love free things and good deals!

 So far, this entire shawl has only cost me $1.90!
Oh yeah!

That's just beyond awesome!!!