Friday, November 23, 2012

Build a snowman!

These snowman have not been an easy project!  In fact, I have learned so much along the way.  My notes have been changed and re-changed many times already before they were even published!!  Here is what you will get with the work I figured out already:

Not a bad little snowman!!  I might try doubling up on the pattern weft because all the yarn is the same size.

Here are all my other trials:

1 on bottom & 2 on top

3 isn't much better!  Poor guy looks quite miserable!  He looks as though he's been run over by a big truck!

There is plenty of improvement... so far!  But it comes with a headache!  Sometimes these patterns are so consolidated that they are just a pain to have to interpret.  I bet they are a pain to consolidate them that small, too!  The cool thing about figuring out all of this is it means I could do the other patterns in this same pdf that follow this setup: trees, Santa, angel, reindeer, or the letters.  I'm going to just get through the snowman first though!  Good thing I sampled on this one!!!

 PS.  The craft show is now over and I was pleased with the amount of stuff I sold.  I sold more than I ever have before!  It felt good to be so appreciated!  The acrylic scarves were a total hit... all have new homes now, and I have a few special requests to fill when the snowmen are done and off my 8-shaft loom.  I am glad to see so much appreciation for hand-made stuff and local support.