Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm not a-lion'!

These guys are sooooo cute!!!

I thought it would be cute to get a pic of the big cats with the even bigger cats!

 It wasn't terribly successful.

I had to do more individual shots.

 But Zip was fascinated with how they smell!

 Here's the finished group of 5 so far...

 Okay, this shot is just too darn cute!!!

This is my new header... 
I wish Scout would have joined, too!

I have about 5 more lions to go!!!! 

And here's a storm update...

We got our snow day on Monday!  Yay!  I've haven't been that grateful for a snow day in awhile now!  I know our district will make it up on another day, but it was really nice to rest after our spring break.  I was able to complete some chores around the house and also get some more lions done.