Monday, March 12, 2012

This lion sheds.

I have about 2 feet of weaving left before I am completely through this 6 yard warp!

 I have woven this entire lion skin in one spot, and when I actually folded up my loom to put it away for awhile, I found this HUGE pile of sheddings!  The middle of the photo shows a strange orange color on the light carpet.

It completely changed the carpet color in one section!

 You know you weave too much when you change carpet colors!

Lion facts:
·        Lion is known as the king of beasts for his bravery and fighting skills!
·        The lion is the tallest of all living cats, averaging about 5.5 in taller than the tiger.
·        Its skull is very similar to a tiger, but the frontal region is usually more depressed and flattened.