Thursday, March 1, 2012


While I wait for the yarn that I have on order, I can start into what's
next on the to do list...

... the lion!!!!
Look at that mane!!!  I'm so thrilled about that mane!!!

And just what we need is another orange cat hanging around here... 
or a dozen of them!
Yikes!!!  Help me while you still can... well, it might actually be TOO LATE for help!!!

The lion happens to be a shadow weave.  I've never officially done a big shadow weave project yet, but in the past I made a small shadow weave sample and sett it at 20 epi.  I thought 20 would be perfect because other tabby setts like the gator and armadillo shells have been 20 epi so far.  However, those were different because they each had a weft float in them and I think that is what made the difference.  At 20 epi, this shadow weave sample was too loose so I'm going to sett at 24.  I think 24 will work because my lace Christmas ornaments worked at 24.

Just trust me on this... it WILL be perfect!

My internal weaving compass tells me so...

Amy says to make 20" wide fabric and only 1/2 yard will make the whole lion!  I'm going to make my fabric 24" to account for shrinking.  Also, when I predict the width of the lion, I need at least 22" once it gets enlarged 200% on the copier.

So I'm measuring out 600 threads at 6 yards, which will be 150 times around the warp board.  
My arms are getting so buff from all of this!
This is going on the 8-shaft loom so now I officially have something on both looms again!

Now onto threading those 600 threads that go in a somewhat logical order... BUT Amy did mention to start with the dark colored threads in both the threading and the treadling... man, I hope I memorize these threading & treadling patterns easily enough!  I have several yards of this to do!

I don't think that you can truly appreciate this pattern until you see lots of it and much farther back:

It looks WAY COOL!!!  Just like a lion!!!  I'm glad Amy knows what she's doing!!!
I'm so pumped!!  Let's get this baby threaded!!!

Lion facts:
  • The lion is one of the 4 big cats in the genus Panthera.
  • It’s also a member of the family Felidae.
  • It’s the 2nd largest living cat, the tiger is #1.