Thursday, March 29, 2012

Linda's Trellis

A few weeks ago, my aunt's friend Linda contacted me about weaving a few special projects for her.  She wants a table runner and 6 placemats done in Bertha Gray Hayes' Trellis #55 pattern.  She also wants an armadillo with turquoise eyes!  Linda sent me a sample of the colors she wants in her overshot projects.  She was aiming for a deep red/rust color for the background color and a teal color for the pattern float.  I ordered UKI 10/2 perle cotton in the color lipstick for the warp and weft and I ordered UKI 5/2 perle cotton in Mountain for the pattern float. 

If all goes well, this is what it should look like:

The width of everything needs to be 14", so keeping in mind a 10%-15% shrinkage, I think I will warp for 16".  The sett will be 20 epi, so I need to warp 322 ends, but I might do 330 instead for a little bit extra.  In order to weave the 76" runner with 4" fringe on each end and 6 placemats of 17" each plus a little fringe on each one, plus the loom waste and a little extra for practice, I need to make at least a 5 yard warp.  I think I might go for 6 yards.

Luckily Linda contacted me before I was completely done with the trellis project that was already on my loom so I plan on just tying on to ends of the old warp and adding a little bit to each side.  Remember this one?  I just finished it!!

The finished size of the last trellis project was only 12", so I just need to add a few inches.  Tying on to the last warp will save a lot of threading time.  I am excited to see this project come together! 

Now I just can't wait for the yarn to come!