Friday, March 16, 2012

The Lion King

Our spoiled little Lion King DEMANDS only FRESH faucet water....

He actually refuses to drink any other water, no matter how fresh it is or where it comes from!  Sometimes Scout will join in for a drink, but Zip is very passionate about where his water comes from.  It's so funny!

Now a tour of the lion factory... 
My other little lion is the other king and he's supervising the progress of his next two buddies!


 The tail unfluffed:

And now all fluffed!

They almost look like puppies!

These little guys are pretty labor intensive!  I actually fluff the mane before sewing it on, but I thought that this looked funny to just lay it on the lion unfluffed.  I use a flicker for wool to get it so fluffy!  It actually takes a little time, muscle, and patience to get it to look that good.

What do you think it would look like with rainbow multi-colored yarn?  haha... like a clown!!!

 I'm so glad you can see this guy's little ears!  I made them 1/4 inch longer than the first lion and sewed them on the highest point on the head.  Then I cut the hair around it just a little bit to enhance the way they stood out.

After a little dinner break, I finished the 3rd lion for the day.

 They're so cute and fluffy!!!