Thursday, March 22, 2012

Label Tutorial Edit

I had to make an edit on this label tutorial post from the other day because I forgot some vital information about turning cards!  Here is a re-post with the exact same information, but I already added it to the tutorial also.

EDIT - Additional information on turning every other card

I almost forgot to mention that you need to rotate every other card so the yarn is coming out of the holes in opposite ways.  It can either come out "behind" the hole or in "front" of the hole.  Here are some picture examples:

After you turn each card, you need to re-align the colors because now they are opposite each other, too!  So after you are done turning every other card, go back and put all the green holes facing up.

The reason why you turn each card is because it makes the letters more crisp around the edges.  Here are some examples:

Here is a sample of what I've been working on for my next label.  I made up a new letter "a" that I like a lot better!

I improvised the tail on it, and I like it even more!

If I put two of these side by side, they will make such a cute little label!  It will be a cool trademark when I fold it and sew it onto my zoo animals.