Sunday, October 9, 2011

Changing to profile drafts

I changed Lee's Surrender overshot pattern into a profile draft so I could weave it in the summer and winter weave.  However I didn't even take into consideration the fact that for every 2 overshot threads, it turns into 4 threads with summer and winter, so basically I double the width of my project.  Using my baby wolf loom with 10/2, I would need a loom twice as wide.  I don't think this big pattern will work so well.  So I started looking at some smaller overshot patterns, like Bertha Gray Hayes' miniature overshot drafts.

Here are a few of the profile drafts I "translated" from Bertha's patterns:




The Olive:





After playing with these for a bit, I decided to turn my favorite draft, Trellis, into summer and winter weaves: 

Making this discovery is so cool!  I really like being able to turn these drafts from one into the other, and be able to use them in different ways!  I feel like I have really opened some doors here, and I'm excited to jump right through into the next level.  Now I just need to find the time to weave up a sample!