Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The short-stack

They're done!  The orange and blue hand towels are finally done.  These were a request from my friend in Brazil, and while I was at it I decided to make myself a few also!  It seemed like this warp took awhile to get through because of all the interruptions in the last few weekends.  Luckily, they were awesome interruptions!  We were busy with the fair, and my in-laws came to say hello, and all the apples that needed canning, but here we are!

I have to admit, this is my most favorite design of them all!!  I just can't believe how it turned out.  WOW!!!  It really is exciting and colorful!! This will cheerfully push away anyone's winter blues!

 There are only one of these towels because I was running out of warp.  It is neat too.  I call it the "saw blades" pattern because they all look like little saw blades.  I really like how the orange and yellow mix together in your eye and then the blue and purple mix together and they all form the little designs, but with much more interest because of all the colors involved. 

 Here is the pattern for the saw blades:


This is the exact same pattern, but just the yellow and no purple.  I could only weave a very small piece because it was THE VERY END of  the warp!  It will probably be cut up and used in my Christmas cards this year.  I am thinking of using up all these really small pieces of warp that way.  Then everyone can share in my 2011 warps for the year!  I'm having difficulty in deciding between bookmarks or ornaments. 

They are just so colorful together!!

This is the original pattern, and it was a request by my friend in Brazil.  She will like these!  I will be sending these off to her today, but unfortunately it will take nearly 2 weeks for them to arrive.  


 These are so bright, chipper, and colorful!  
I can't wait to try one myself!

PS.  The rest will make GREAT Christmas gifts!