Saturday, October 1, 2011

Samples are cool!

Now that I've finished up some major projects like P2P2 and the fair projects, I feel like I am bogged down with quite a few things that I want to try.  My to-do list is huge!  So I decided to start doing a few samples.  And now I'm totally sold on samples!  They are so quick and easy and fun!

This is a sample of Powell's shadow weave.  Remember this draft I was investigating?

Well, here it is all woven up in 12/2 cotton set at 20 epi.  I might need a slight closer set, because I had to add 2 more rows to each rotation.  I warped 96 threads at 2 yards. 

It might be small, but at least now we know it works! 
By the way, I will find something to use it for, trust me!

Next on my sampling list is some lace weaves and then M&O's.  I have been wanting to try a project again with each, but just haven't had the time to get through all that I want to do before adding more stuff!!  It's crazy... there is ALWAYS something to weave and experiment with!!  This hobby is going to drive me crazy!