Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pink Lemonade

Just playing a little bit more with the lace-weave hearts!  This is just a little sample piece.  I wanted to see what a few hearts together would weave up to look like.  It's a 4 yard warp, and the pieces are going to be twice as long as the width, so just a little lace-piece for a small table or something decorative.  This time I have yellow as the warp and I'm switching between pink, green, purple, and yellow for the weft.  This is the pink set.

There are a few threading errors, but I think they can be corrected later and then washed out.  As you can see in both of the right sets of hearts, I accidentally have two threads together in the plain weave.  But if I remove that thread and then wash them, I think it will be unnoticeable.

Otherwise, it's a pretty little sample project PLUS it's fun and quick to weave!