Friday, January 6, 2012

The Alligator

I really like all the animals in Weaving a Zoo, so the choice of which to start with is rather difficult.  But, I decided to start with the alligator, because "A" is for Alligator!

Amy includes a lot of colors in her gator, including blues and pinks, but I wanted to stick to more of a green and brown theme.  I have some really good muted greens I wanted to use in the skin, so I changed the colors just a little bit.  I'm warping with green and yellow, like the pattern suggests...

Here are the weft colors.  Dark green will be the heavy honeycomb cord.  
The light green and brown will fill the little cells.
I might also throw in some other random greens for the honeycomb pods.
And if the dark green runs out, I will find something else just as perfect!

 I can't wait until I have enough fabric to cut the pieces out and sew them together!  Amy suggests making the fabric 22x26" to get 1 gator.  I warped 5 yards at almost 26" across, minus some for shrinking, so I hope to get a few gators!