Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gator Skins

When I first saw the picture of the alligator, I wasn't sure I could make as cool of fabric as Amy did in her book.  But honestly, I didn't really like how she used pinks and blues.  For my gator skin, I wanted to stay true to the real thing by mostly using greens, yellows, and browns.  I also changed the treadling pattern just a smidgeon. 

Amy's gator with hard to beat skin:

What I do like about her book, she doesn't make you feel like you HAVE to use her yarn choices or colors.  She opens it up for you to do your own thing.

And... I think I like my choices better in the end!

 Gator skin's close up detail:
(stretched out on the loom - so the cells aren't forming quite yet)

8-shaft honeycomb fabric structure for alligator:
(Would it be called "gator-comb" for "Alligator Honeycomb"?)

Later Gator!