Monday, January 16, 2012


I can foresee some big plans with these zoo animals!  They seem to be very popular with friends I show them to.  So, this is my attempt at a production line to make things go just a little bit smoother, not necessarily all that much faster.  (Hence the pun of the "Gatorade" title... these things will "aid" or 'help" the process!)  Because of the number of pieces that all look alike, I wanted to be more organized with this and I also wanted to try and fit as many gators onto my leftover interfacing as I could! 

To start the process this time, I outlined the pattern pieces and labeled them with permanent marker.  Just a warning if you try this: I didn't realized it was so porous and it bled through onto my craft table.  But I'll take care of that later with a Mr. Clean eraser!

To summarize my yardage so far, I warped 5 yards of yarn, wove enough fabric for 4 gators, and purchased 2 yards of interfacing.

Some fun facts from Wikipedia:
  • Alligators are only native to the US and China.
  • Alligators are mainly found in the southeast US.  Florida and Louisiana have the largest recorded population, over a million gators in each state.
  • American alligators only live in freshwater areas.
  • Southern Florida is the only place where gators and crocodiles live side by side.