Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cutting and sewing


The fabric for the gator washed up really nicely!  And cutting it was kind of harder to do than I expected.  I mean, when you put so much work into making the fabric, it's really hard to take scissors to it!!!

But check out that great texture!

I stitched around each piece because the fabric is a bit delicate.  The long floats in back are not holding together very well and it almost disintegrates right before your eyes.  I think I will try some interfacing on the next ones.  Hopefully the interfacing will help hold it together when working with it.

 This is after working with the fabric:

 But it is fun to see it taking a familiar shape!

I can't wait to do more!  I am at a stopping point until I get some rickrack, stuffing, and felt for the claws.  Oh yeah, I decided to use felt for the claws because I just don't like the smell of leather... and the thickness of it, too.