Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Super secret project

Right after Christmas, I worked on a quick super secret project for someone... kind of an after-Christmas holiday joy present that I couldn't get to sooner because of the Trellis towels on my 8-shaft loom!  But I can share this with you now with all the details because by the time the super secret project is revealed in this post, the person will have already received it in the mail!

 Remember the 10/2 perle cotton I bought on Girl's Day out in December?

Well, I had this houndstooth project in mind for my sister who lives in Utah.  And I knew that she would enjoy silky perle cotton for a scarf way more than scratchy wool.

She loves the houndstooth pattern that can be found in a lot of fashion lately.

I sett at 30 epi, since I was working with 10/2 cotton.  I used a #15 reed with 2 threads per dent.  I warped 2.5 yards, and made enough ends for 7.5 inches in width in order to account for any shrinking on the loom or after washing.


 It turned out just perfect... soft yet fashionable...
and semi-warm on cold days!

Check out that great trademark houndstooth print!  (It's still stretched out on the loom!)


This scarf wove up super fast...
a little over a days work of time!

 The fringe turned out nice and long, too!

 Hope my sister enjoys her new scarf!!!
PS.  When I was warping it on Christmas day, she called me on the phone... it was SO hard to keep it a secret!