Tuesday, January 17, 2012

May attack in self-defense, if provoked.

I love some of the things I have learned along the way.  Outlining the lining helps save a lot of time lost pinning the patterns onto the fabric twice, before ironing and again before cutting.  Also, I can mark the patterns along the way with what they are intended to be.  This is so helpful in keeping track of all the pieces!

Another new trick I tried this time was sewing it inside the red line FIRST and then cutting outside the red line second.  This keeps it from going through the machine too many times.  The fabric is just so fragile, the lesser amount of times you handle it, the better.

Because I'm marking the patterns, I marked the gusset stitch on top of the nose.  It made it so easy to sew!  I was just guessing on the other two gators I've already made!  This time I actually made a slit in the pattern and followed the line where it needed to be.

Then I used my machine's foot as my guide where to sew. 

 Then I cut out all the little claws.  I cut them out in sets of two because it saves time.  I could be very organized and make sure each side of the gator gets the matching set, but that's almost a little too organized for me.  Note: I added 1/4" to the bottom of the claw because because it was just too stubby. 

I picked out each set of the same sides to sew the claws onto.  For example, I picked out all the backs of the legs to sew the claws onto.  Also, I picked out all the heads with the gussets to get the claws.  But it could have very well been all the other ones.  The key is to keep it all the same set.  On the first one, I just randomly chose, and I chose wrong!  I had too many feet on one leg, and no feet on the other one!  It was very frustrating. 

Next I will be assembling and stuffing the legs.  I can also sew up the open seems on the legs and sew the shaping stitches.  I will also be working on the mouths, getting the teeth in and sewing the bodies together with the mouths.  Then, it's onto stuffing and final touches!  I have definitely made some improvements along the way that have helped make this process easier. 

More gator facts from Wikipedia:
  • Alligators are usually timid of humans and only attack for self-defense, if provoked.
  • Alligators move slowly and have a slow metabolism but they are capable of short bursts of speed and short lunges.
  • Alligators' main pray are smaller animals they can kill and eat in one bite.  Larger prey is pulled over to water to drown.