Monday, April 23, 2012

Candy Land

With the rainbow scarves on my mind, I couldn't stop thinking about my rainbow wool.
Remember my kool-aide dyed wool from October? 

Here's another reminder picture:

 I finally found the inspiration I was looking for to spin this stuff up! 

I decided to make a self-striping yarn with large striping areas.  I want to weave a scarf with it, and I want the rainbow to go 1 way starting with red to purple and then from purple repeat the opposite direction and end with red again.

  I also decided to use Navajo plying it in order to keep the colors segments together.
I love Navajo plying!  I use it ALL the time!

This looks good enough to eat! 

This yarn reminds me of those huge swirled lolly pops.

Yum, yum!

Now to spin the 2nd skein:

I love all the different shades of blues in this skein! 
So pretty!
Can't wait to use it!!!!