Sunday, April 29, 2012

Celebration Towel #1

Because the yarn is only 16/2, the weaving is almost too small to enjoy the original design I saw in the pattern.  However, I still like what I am seeing and there is some great texture forming where some of the floats are happening!  These towels will be a super exciting addition to anyone's kitchen, especially mine!

And in other news, I got through the weeds in the front yard and filled 3 garbage sized trash bags!  We don't even have enough room for all these picked weeds for one trash day!  I might have to throw them out in sections for the next month.  And I'm not even done!  I still have one last section in the back yard to work on and all the weeds at the easement between the property.  I'm so glad our yard isn't bigger than it is!  We also have a peach tree that died and needs to come out so we can plant  new tree in its place.  Lots of work to do... but the weather has been so nice it's hard to focus on just the yard.  Word got out about my huge bike ride last weekend and a few friends wanted me to join them in a ride this weekend so we took about a 30 mile loop.  My legs were already exhausted from all the weeding, especially since I got up an extra hour earlier to pick some more, but it was a very nice ride and I got to know three other people really well.  I'm so glad summer is coming soon!  We are down to 16 more school days and then it will be beloved summertime.  Horay!