Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More "to do" projects

When things start to calm down some here I can start focusing on some of my other projects I've been wanting to make.  Besides the rainbow wool I finished and have plans for, here are a few more projects I thought I would share:

This sheep pattern has been one of my favorites ever since I saw it here: http://www.weavingtoday.com/media/p/1851.aspx  This is Georgean Curran's Sheep Towels originally from March/April 1990 Handwoven Magazine, page 93, 85-86. 

I definitely want to make some little hand towels using this sheep pattern, but I'm almost considering doing this pattern for my 2012 Christmas cards!  Wouldn't that be cute?!  It's never too early to get started, right?

I would like to share this pattern from the cs.arizona.edu website: http://www.cs.arizona.edu/patterns/weaving/periodicals/dad_7.pdf  Scroll down to February 1965, and you will find this novelty checks pattern.  I have always liked this draft, and I thought it would make excellent dishtowels!  I would love to feel this texture:

Another project I have on my to do list is this:

And it just looks like so much fun because I would get to take my whole blues collection of yarn and mix it all together with my warping paddle.  I think it would look REALLY neat!  It looks a lot like the plans for the rainbow scarves, except I would use my favorite 12/2 cotton instead of perle cotton.  I still really haven't settled on a twill design yet.  I'm still working out the kinks on that one!  The main focus is using lots and lots of blues!

Another interest right now is shadow weave.  While weaving the lion skins, I became very interested in shadow weaves.  I also would love to weave some dishtowels!  I am thinking something from the Powell book called 1000+ patterns in 4,6, and 8 Harness Shadow Weaves.  I am really loving some of those 8-shaft patterns that she has in her book. 

This is 8-1-1, page 206:

Here's a few more repeats so you can enjoy the design that happens! I love the 3D look to it, the way it just pops out at you.  It's almost like you could reach out, touch it, and feel it!

Speaking of a to-do list, I saw this dot-dot tea towel pattern from http://spaceandstructure.blogspot.com/ last week and I really want to make one because the texture looks incredible!

After taking a minute to study the photo, this is what I've come up with for the pattern.

I also would like to copy Sharon's tea towels for a summertime project!  They are so beautiful!  She was kind enough to share the pattern with me and I can't wait to dig in!  Here is a picture of her finished towels:

The colors are AMAZING and it's all from 1 warp!!!

And there's always my rainbow yarn that I spun up last week.
And then there's always more zoo critters that call for my attention.  I'm not sure what will come after the lions!  There's so many to choose from...