Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Up close and personal

I had a tie-up mistake in my #6 pedal, so I fixed it.  It was tied up as 1-2-5 instead of 1-2-6.  This made a huge difference in the way the pattern was weaving up!  For some reason, it just didn't seem right to me  because the floats were longer than I expected.  I also discovered a new treadling pattern that I like.  It is actually the opposite of what I was doing.

Revised Draft:

It looks a little muddy in this picture only because all the colors are condensed down to something so small.  In real life, it doesn't look this muddy!  You can see other patterns emerging from the way the yellows and greens mix at the base and tops of the diamonds.  Is there a name for this besides "color and weave"?

It looks so pretty, exciting, and refreshing!