Friday, August 10, 2012

1080 (or 1180?)

My weaving on this new set of bookmarks was coming out crooked, kind of like what happened when I was doing Aunt Katie's napkin project.  Sooooo... I cut off what I had done, about 120, and retied the warp, making sure that I adjusted it evenly on both sides.  I must be getting a little sloppy to have this happen twice within about a month of each other!

That's ok I had to cut off early though, because now I could finish my bag of 500.  In fact, I started a new bag and it already has 80 in it!  Plus, I already sent them the first 100, so that means I am down to  820 left to do!  Yay!!  It really is happening and it really is possible!!  AND, I am going to finish it before December!  That is really great, because I am not a procrastinator!  I like getting things done right away.