Friday, August 24, 2012

No more words for bookmarks and lots of words for a book review!

Just like the title, there are no more words to describe these bookmarks.  If you're bored with them, think of how I must feel!  I can't believe I actually have made it to the end, well, not quite but almost!  There's no reason to stop now, except that I cannot wait to do something else!!  Anything else!!  And soon!!

But about the book I received in the mail yesterday...

It's really good!   I have read through it a few times yesterday, because that's how much I like it!  I even love the intro... the author sums it all up really well: "Our goal is to show how the various techniques offer many options for a completely new weaving, sometimes in rather unexpected materials."  There are many new twists on old patterns, mostly 4-shaft patterns but a few 8-shaft patterns as well.  This book would be perfect for someone just getting into weaving because it's easy to follow and understand, but it's perfect for someone who's been in it awhile because it provides a lot of good ideas and some new techniques.  The main techniques in this book include: twill, canvas and spot weaves, monk's belt, rosepath, overshot and crackle, waffle weave, color effects, M's & O's and halvdrall, and block damask.  Even though these patterns are all very simple and familiar, they add twists to them so they are different.  And new! 

The things I like the most about this book are: the pictures are very big and inspiring, the patterns offer some new variations that I've never seen before, and it feels even though it's a pattern book, it allows many jumping points so you can change things around and your own designs.  And, there are some neat sewing patterns in here for pillows, rugs and dishtowels, and even a robe!  Yes, a waffle weave robe that looks just heavenly to lounge around in!

I'm excited to try my hand at some of these projects!