Monday, August 13, 2012

And they just keep coming, and going, and coming... and going.

 2000 bookmarks is an awful lot of bookmarks.  And I realized this when I signed up for it way back in May!  But seriously... 2000 is HUGE!!!  The bookmarks just keep coming, and going...

My float threads were getting a bit loose on the edges, so I weighted them with salt bags.  Now threads around them are kind of loose, so I think when this last sheet of blue paper falls off of this warp, I'm going to cut off what I've woven, sew them, and then tie it all back on and continue through the last 6 yards.  It will be about a half way point on this round!  Then I'm not stuck sewing forever and not weaving, nor am I stuck weaving with no sewing.

As for tie-ups, I've done #9, 7, 1, and #2.  I guess these were my most favorite, or just the ones that stood out to me so far.  I'll have to review the other ones before attempting the 2nd half of this 3rd round!  I might also find a new one to try... I'll have to review my notes.

Boy, oh boy, 2000 is a lot!  I'm like a weaving machine!!!