Thursday, August 16, 2012

3 ziplock bags

500 + 500 + 500 + 100 = 1600!!!!

1600 are done, 140 are ready to sew, and that leaves 260 left to weave and sew!!!!  I am well over 75% done with this project!!!

I've been learning so many things along the way while making these bookmarks.  Some learning scenarios stand out more than others, like making sure to include threads between each bookmark and not leaving the reed sit empty.  More recently the salt bags were only an ok idea, they were a little too heavy so all the threads around them became loose.  The idea I liked more was to tie a small knot in the floater thread when it got just a little too loose, just enough of a knot to take up some slack.  And make sure to tie the weaving on with even tension, or else it will progressively turn out crooked!  As soon as I learn all these things and get my bookmarks down perfect, I will be all done!  Go figure!