Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We went with black.

Here are the calculations:

2.5 yard warp

16 sett
Houndstooth pattern

And my biggest worry was not having enough yarn!  I used less than half when I warped it, so I think there will be plenty!  Maybe even some for my friend to knit a matching hat with in the end!  This is going to be so pretty.

Also, I found out the yarn was from DebbieB at this website!  This is turning into a huge combined effort of ravelers from ravelry.com!  The recipient in from ravelry, and so is the yarn maker and the weaver!  That's pretty cool!

Here is the pattern:

It's the same pattern I used in the perle cotton scarves for my sister and her friend in December and January, but these will be wool!