Monday, August 20, 2012

4 o'clock Turned Twill

I'm starting to feel a bit stifled by these bookmarks, but it's only taken me 3 months to get there!  Soon, I will be done and moving along back to my own things.  One of the things I want to make is this 4 o'clock design.  I have been eying it for awhile, and I decided I like it best in turned twill.  I tried writing the draft out in summer and winter, and I just didn't think it had the same impact.  Plus, I have officially never even attempted this kind of twill before, so this will be an adventure!

And besides, 4 o'clock is my favorite time of day.  Why?  It signals to me, I have made it through another day.  The kids go home from school and my day is over!  :-P