Friday, March 22, 2013

A dream come true!

The inkle strap wove up pretty quickly!  And I'm glad because the weather is so perfect for some rides!

 I made it a little too long, so I had to go back and take about 6" off.  I also experimented with burning the ends.  Because it's nylon, it just melted together and made a nice, stiff end.

 I threaded it through the pedal cage, and it looks like it will work!

  And it's so fancy, too!  I won't really know if it works until I ride with it, but I predict it will be lovely!

It was really cool to fix my bike with weaving!  I love to bike, but I also love to weave!  Two passions coming together in one!  It's like a dream come true!!!

Now as of this moment in time, ALL my looms sit empty... I hope that not a bad omen!