Saturday, March 23, 2013

Greeting Cards Tutorial

 Fray-less Handwoven Greeting Cards Tutorial
By Amanda Cutler


I love handmade cards any time of the year!  The idea for this card was the answer to a cheaper way to make handwoven greeting cards, but also address the problem of fraying edges of freshly cut handwoven fabric.  In the store, the already made widow cards are very expensive, although they do offer a nice presentation for handwoven fabric.  Wanting to make my own, the thought of unsightly raw edges being left behind scared me off.  These cards use a self-adhesive packaging label to both cover up the raw edges and hold the sample in place.  This is a great way to use up a collection of small scraps at the end of a warp!  Make these for all your friends this Easter or this spring!


Martha Stewart Crafts Punch All Over the Page 1.5” decorative Flourish Square Design
50 Blank envelopes and notecards 4”x5.5”
Shipping labels 2”x4”
Handwoven fabric scraps that measure approx. 2”x2”
Rotary cutter, mat, ruler or Scissors



Cut handwoven samples to measure 1-5/8 inches square, which is slightly bigger than the widow but smaller than the self-adhesive label.  Use scissors or a rotary cutter, mat, and ruler.

Punch cards with the decorative square.  Line it up to center, snap the magnets together, and punch with both hands.

Cut label in half.

  Center handwoven fabric in the widow cutout.

Affix the label to cover up all the raw edges.  Lightly press edges into place.

Send to all of your friends so they can enjoy your handwoven fabric, too!

I hope you have just as much fun making these as I did!!!