Friday, March 8, 2013

ToO mUcH... FuN?

I think I had a little too much fun weaving and playing with Photoshop elements!  But one thing is for sure, I sure do feel more relaxed than I did before I was able to play with both of these!  School continues to be very hard stressful, but after spring break basketball season will be over and that will give me some more evening time.


It's probably hard to tell what the colors look like exactly, so I promise that I will post some regular pictures soon!  Picture #4 comes very close to the real thing though.  The warp (pic 3) looks very blue, but with the very light weft, they are much more washed out and white than I was expecting.  The towels are also a little more weft-faced than I was expecting.  I am still enjoying them, and they certainly are a different kind of weave, but I think I like 2/2 twill better.  I am curious as to what these towels will look like when I wash them up!