Sunday, March 24, 2013

Recycled Bike Parts Clock

Remember those gears that came off my bike??

My dad helped me with my master plan of turning them into a clock!!

It ended up being a fun day working in his garage shop!

We cut a piece of walnut to be about 8"x11" and sanded out all the machine marks.

Then we routed the edges.

We laid out the design so it's a-symmetrical and unpredictable to the eye!

And my dad made a hole in the back so the clock part could fit into it.  This is at the testing stage, but he got it nearly flush with the back!

 There are lines on all 4-sides and no numbers on the clock so whenever one feels like rotating the clock (like hanging it "upside-down"), they can!

We added a few nuts as spacers so that the gears would pop off the board a little bit and look 3D.

And the final project...  It's sooooo awesome!!!!  This is now one of my favorite pieces!!!

It's fun to remember the 8,000+ miles these gears and I have gone together, which included trips to Thumb Butte, Flagstaff, Utah, and 8 years of biking all around Prescott!  

I guess they were just ready to retire as decor mounted on walnut...