Monday, March 4, 2013

Brain Fry

I have been working so hard these last few months.  In fact, I think this is the hardest I've worked in a long time!  It's not anything physically exerting, but more mental exertion.  I do like staying busy this time of the year because the first few months of the year are not my favorite.  In fact, January and I have never really gotten along at all.  And February?  Well, the only two good points are the fact that my b-day month is Feb and also the fact that everyday the sunrise is one minute earlier and the sunset is one minute later.  Trust me, it has taken me years to find that second good thing about February!

Anyway, back to being busy.  Between January and February, I picked up several extra jobs at school.  I have been score-keeping the girls' home basketball games and the 7/8th graders play so hard that the games seem to go on forever.  Also, I have been subbing on Fridays for a teacher who recently lost her mother unexpectedly.   Usually we don't work Fridays, but at our school we have an intervention program for the kids who are struggling in the classroom.  Trust me, having 10-15 of the most struggling students cooped up in school on a day that is normally off is just.... well, I actually don't know how to describe it!  It's probably the makings of a future post traumatic stress disorder, especially considering I see all their little faces when I close my eyes to go to sleep!  So between the subbing and the in-services, I haven't had a Friday off in awhile and it's becoming a little mentally frustrating!

On Friday evenings when I'm done for the week, I spend a large amount of time staring off into space just figuring out what the heck just happened!  Lately I have been wanting to explore more doubleweave, and I have a long list of things I want to do, but they all take too much thought.  I just want something that is brain-less and made up on the spot.  I can't stand planning right now when my life is all about planning!  So for this project, I am kind of using a few old ideas I have tucked away, a few new ideas I have gathered, and just going with the flow.  In fact, I don't know what I want to do with this warp, but I'm measuring it out already!  I know I want some dishtowels, but I'm unsure of the design right this minute.  It will come to me when my brain is done frying!

So, here are my thoughts for the 496 threads that are already measured:

Advancing twill on page 207 of The Handweaver's Pattern Directory.  If sett is 30, then towels will be 16.5" across.

Huck lace on page 167 of the same text.  If sett is 24, then towels will be 20.6" across.

 Can't wait to try either of them out!