Thursday, March 21, 2013

bike fix

The part of my bike that I need to fix with weaving is the foot strap.  It ripped all the way through!  I saw it coming, so I had some time to plan, but I still wasn't ready when it finally happened! 

At least I can still use this hardware.  I will have to sew the strap together where this one is bolted, but I think it will all work out ok.

I have about 1/2" width, and I wanted something flashy and neat such as stripes because I love stripes!


This neon pink is so flashy that it's hard to get the colors just right on here!

So far, I like it and I think it's going to work out just fine!  I might just fix one side because that's all that wore through right now.  I want to see how it wears before I do the other side... and why fix something that's not broken?  Oh yeah, because I can fix it with some weaving!  Actually, not only can I fix it, but I can IMPROVE it with some weaving!!