Monday, January 14, 2013

Finished Crackle

This fabric washed up so beautifully!  
The softness became accentuated!
 The gaps have all filled in with the puffing and shrinking of the cotton fibers!
  The crackles have cracked!
 And it has come together so wonderfully!
But I'm still unsure what exactly I want to use it for!
Originally, I made it for dishtowels.
But once I started seeing the fabric come to life, I wanted a blanket from it!
Hopefully I can decide soon as to what it should be...

PS.  Lookie who got a hair cut!!  He's so cute!!

Less fur balls, less hair in the house, a clean smelling kitty... it's wonderful!!!

We gave him an adorable little lion tail that is poofy on the end!