Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This is post #500!

Happy New Year!  AND Happy post #500!

I was able to wash up the crackle samples and study them.  Here are my findings:

1.  The larger sett worked really well for any sample that had the larger 8/4 thread.  Like this sample washed up perfect!  I want to work more with this idea at a later date.

2.  The very colorful sample is wonderful looking, but this was at the looser sett of 20 epi, which is just too loose to use if I'm using only 12/2 for everything.

3.  This was the first color rotation I did when it was sett at 25. I think it looks and feels wonderful!  It's not stiff as cardboard, but it's not too loose, either.  It's just right!

4.  The single thread that is the same size worked out well in 12/2 sett at 25.  But, the green just looks funny throughout.  Maybe try white?

5.  The one color as everything jut didn't do much for me.

6.  The thicker thread (on the bottom) made this weave just too thick when it was at a tighter sett.  But the darker blue (the top of the picture) feels just perfect!  I wonder if one of my aquas in 12/2 would work out well with that... something to experiment with!

7.  I love all the summer and winter weaves, even the one I said I didn't like as much before!  It's the one on the bottom, and now that is' all washed up, it looks really cool!  I actually like it better now than the other one at the very top!

It was hard for me to decide where I wanted to focus my efforts, so I have two plans in mind.  I'm going to work on the color changing 4-shaft warp first because that is what I wanted to do so badly, and then I'm going to explore more later with a solid warp and some 8/4 weft.

I figure I have all the time in the world to explore, so no use rushing it!  :-)

PS.  I caught this just in time yesterday afternoon!!!  I can't believe I almost forgot!!!  It WAS in December still, and I wish I could have remembered sooner so I could get more snow in the pic!  Maybe in January...