Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Slurpy towels (and blanket)

 The crackle weave has been cut and sewn!

I cut the entire warp into two sections, one section was cut into thirds and became 3 towels, and the other section was cut into 2 more section and then joined into a small baby blanket.

 For the blanket, I joined two sections together.  It was kind of an experimental seam.  I have one edge on each side, and then I sewed it twice.  It's not too thick, and it is pretty flexible.  And having one edge on each side makes it somewhat reversible.  It's not the most glamorous seam, but it sure will be strong!!

I turned the edges of the hand towels down and sewed it, but it just seemed so stiff.  So for the blanket, I serged the raw edges and folded it over once.  This was after I sewed the two panels together so I could make sure that the edges would be the same throughout.

 I tucked in the corners so the surged edges will last.

The blanket is so busy that you can hardly see the seam or the edges!

So the colorful crackle warp is done... 

And the towel has so much color and energy!

Also, Brian and I both noted that it has some distinct texture on it... I can't quite describe it, but it's not a "soft" surface like a 2/2 twill, it has raised ridges that just slurp the water right off your hands.  I have never felt a towel quite like it... it's a grand experience!
I'm going to send one to my sister in Utah as a very late Christmas gift, because her other gift never got there. :(   There is one towel in my kitchen.  And the last one?  I'm not sure yet!

 It just spreads joy wherever it goes!  Look how it adds so much color to my kitchen!

Oh, and the baby blanket?

 Don't worry, Zip and Scout are the only babies around here for now!  But this little colorful beauty will be put away for another day, when there is a little one running around here!