Monday, January 28, 2013

Short people on stilts

The curtains are now washed, cut to size, and all the ends are sewn.  I decided to do it just like the crackle blanket I completed with the serged edge and then sewn down with one turn.  It makes it so much more flexible than 2 turns!  (I think I might consider this method for future hand towels.)  Lastly, I turned the top over 1.25" so that we can fit a curtain rod in there.  I made the curtains just a little bit bigger than the window in the door so there won't be too many ruffles.  I like ruffles... but not too many!

I can't wait to get them up!  We need to purchase a curtain rod so Brian can install it, and then we will be good to go... and the crazy tall people (or short people on stilts...) won't be able to spy on us anymore!