Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Secret Crackle Recipe

 Soak it all up... every ounce of it!

These colors just feel good!

The more, the merrier!


Here is the secret recipe!
Start with a color run that goes in order, like red/orange/yellow.  And a treadle rotation, like 1-2-3-2.  Red will be your first color, and the first treadle. Orange will be the 2nd color, and the 2nd treadle. Yellow will be the 3rd color, and the 3rd treadle.  Work your way through the 3 color rotations for several rounds.  Drop the oldest color, so the red.  Add the youngest color, so green.  Put the orange now as color 1, yellow as color 2, and green as color 3.  Now do the next block sequence, or 2-3-4-3, so treadle 2 is always orange, treadle 3 is always yellow, treadle 4 is always green.  Treadle away, and now, drop the oldest color, so orange.  Add the youngest color, blue.  Yellow is now the first shot, green is the 2nd shot, and blue is the 3rd shot.  Now the treadles are 3-4-1-4.  So,  yellow is always treadle 3, green is always treadle 4, and blue is always treadle 1.  Just keep going through the whole rainbow... and beyond!  I have noticed that all the opposite colors replace the dropped colors, so if you are dropping purple, yellow will replace it.  If you drop green, pink will replace it.  It works every time!

Here is a re-posted sketch if you got lost in all the words:

Here it is with the blocks separated:

  1. Notice on the right, when you are done with block A (or block #1), your oldest thread (purple) ends on treadle #1.
  2. Then you start with the 2 remaining colors, pink first and then orange and add in yellow third.  Notice that they go in order: pink, orange, and then yellow.
  3. When you are done with block #2, you are on treadle #2, and you drop the oldest color, so pink.
  4. When you are on block #3, you begin with what you have left, so orange and yellow, and then add in green.  When you are done, you end on treadle #3 with the oldest color, so orange.
  5. Get it?!  The "accidentals" happen in order too for the threading.  When you are on block A, or block #1, you add in an accidental on the first shaft.  
  6. When you are threading block #2, you add an accidental to shaft #2, etc.

Here is the whole thing: