Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Cousin's Hat-matching Scarf update

Remember the woven hat with the hounds tooth that I'm trying to match for my cousin and weave her a scarf?  She picked out some much better colors AND dropped them off when she visited last month!  So, I decided to do a sample and it's looking really good...  Now, keep in mind this is the project where I have to dissect the yarn into individual plies, spin it a little bit, and then put it all back together again!  :-)  And it's working!!

I noticed in the hat that the warp will need to be one of the combinations and the weft will be the other one. As for the navy blue yarn, I'm not sure how I want to work it.  I can't leave it as 4-ply, but should I mix it's size, also?  Maybe some 3-ply going one way and some 2-ply going the other?  Maybe make the amount of plies opposite of the colorful ones to balance it better?  Or make it all 2 or 3-ply yarn, throughout the whole thing?  I think the idea I like the best is to make it the same size as the warp, and then a different size that is the same size as the weft.  For example, if I use 2-ply pink and green in the warp, I will use 2-ply navy also in the warp.  And then that means the 3-ply pink, green, and cream will be the weft, so I use 3-ply navy for the weft.

I'm not sure yet...  it's all one really huge experiment!