Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to save $35 with a plastic straw

Today's lesson is how to save $35 with a little plastic straw:

Since I am using 3 shuttles, I decided to wind up the smallest bobbins because I can use them even on the big shuttle.  I don't have 3 shuttles all the same size, and I didn't feel like buying yet another shuttle, so I figured I could use my small bobbins on these large shuttles just fine.  The only problem was the movement back and forth would sometimes pinch a piece of yarn and stop it from moving freely.

But I had this extra plastic straw for a water bottle and I just cut off the ends and put it into the shuttle to keep the bobbin from slipping left and right.

It works like a charm... just a bit on the ghetto side, but it did save me some money!  I love figuring things out like this!

And... I found a wonderful gift in my mailbox yesterday!  This is from a Ravelry friend named Cindy in South Carolina!

It is a beautiful little sachet filled with a wonderful cinnamon smell!  She made the sachet from her woven samples that were leftover from scarves she made for Christmas gifts!  What a great idea to use up some samples!!  It is just beautiful and thoughtful!!  Thank you, Cindy!