Wednesday, January 2, 2013

half way

Been a busy day, but we're only half way there!  I think these dishtowels are going to be such a cheerful crackle project!  I can't wait to get started on them, but mostly I keep thinking about how much they are going to cheer people up when I give them away!

I am using 5 repeats of each block, so that is 20 threads, plus 1 thread is the accidental.  So I have 21 threads in each repeat, and there is a total of 4 repeats of each color.  That means I have 84 threads total of each color, so I measured out 42 on the warp board.  Then I started with one and put it into the reed, and measured over 5.25" to the next color, and put it in.  Amazingly that method worked out just fine!  I noticed that I started too far to the left in my reed, so I just added colors before and after the red and purple, so it goes in rainbow color but doesn't start with red or end with purple.  I think it will make it less predictable and more interesting!  The yarn I'm using is 12/2 unmercerized cotton,and the sett is 24.  I plan on making this set with all 12/2 cotton, and making it my colorful towels.  The next set will be done at 20 epi, and it will have the 8/4 cotton mixed in... and probably a solid warp.