Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Critiques and Improvements

 The sample washed up beautifully!

 It's super soft, and all the fibers fit snugly into their places!

This is an upclose shot of the center fold area.  You can hardly tell it's there!  I see some squeezing of the threads, so to correct it I think next time I am going to put in 2 extra threads at the center point that I will pull out when it comes off the loom.

Everywhere else looks just great!  However, I need to make sure I keep my treadle pattern going, even when I make a color change.  This example shows some funny spots:

I also need to make sure I extend the twill line all the way across the diagonal (from corner to corner) in order to get perfect squares. I lost count many times while I was treadling, but I think this will help to not have to count it out every time but still get a perfect square.

The camera angle throws off the proportions a little bit, the twill line needs to go from corner to corner, like this:

Hey, this black and white picture is great for checking out my lights vs. darks ratio:

Speaking of lights and darks, now I need to choose my colors... 

I really like the way this sample piece turned out, maybe I'll just use these 8 colors over and over, but arrange them a little more even!

PS.  Happy 600th post!