Saturday, May 4, 2013

Slight change of plans

After some consideration, I have decided to deviate slightly from my original plans and try something just a hair more challenging.  I have decided to do a gamp-like blanket and have solid striped colors all the way across the warp and weft.  I want the herringbone weave to look very similar as my samples, but with longer twill lines and a reverse with a color change, kind of like this:

I also re-arranged the treadling so it's more of a straight pattern and easier to follow along and reverse it after a certain point.  When I put the whole design together, it gets pretty confusing looking, but I think this is what I want:

I guess I will just have to weave it and see if this is what I want!
I might do another sample to get an idea of this weave and make sure it's all right before I set up the loom.  I get nervous about it all when it involves 1,560 threads!