Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The mystery of the unseen side

It's a terrible picture, but here is what the other "unseen" side of this blanket will look like!

I always love that moment when the doubleweave blanket gets cut off the loom, unfolded, and then  both sides can be seen next to each other for the very first time!  It's awesome!!

The above picture only makes me semi-nervous.  See the experimental IKEA tape measure and how bubbly it has become without tension on it?  Well, as long as I keep in mind the weaving is just a bit shorter than the tape measure, then I think all will be well... I think I still might cut off the first blanket just to make a better 2nd blanket when the time comes.  I think it keeps everything more square and the center seam ends up more invisible.  It's worth the chance of cutting one too short.  I'll be glad when this one does come off and it's square, because I'm very sure the other one will be square also due to the extra length from the tie-on spots.  But it's still a risky procedure!

And now for the tree update!  I am glad to say that this little tree is thriving!  
Here is one year of photos:

And a side by side comparison of May 2012 and May 2013.