Monday, May 13, 2013

Ready, set, go!

I had about a dozen little errors to fix... none were really big, just two threads flipped or threads that were crossed in the reed.  It took awhile though to get through all of them!  It seemed as though I would find 2 and think I was done, and then find 2 more and think I was done... etc.

This is a picture from the back.  When the other layer shows through, it almost looks painted!  

So pretty... 

 Ignore the very bottom stuff, that will be cut off.  It was my practice stuff.  I was going to do a sample piece, but I think now I know what I'm doing and have it all in order so I'm going to just go for it!  So exciting!

I'm putting a few straight pins throughout the layers just to hold them together better.  Last time they slipped around a little bit as I wound it back onto the loom.