Sunday, May 26, 2013

Yay for weaving again!

I feel like I was dragging my feet in getting the loom set up again. I'm not sure why... maybe it was the 1300+ knots that had to be tied... maybe it really wasn't such a good idea to do it that way, but now it's done and this blanket is weaving up so very fast!!   It's always such a long process to set the loom up and the weaving always goes way too fast.

Here are all the colors together on the bobbins... they are so pretty!  Maybe it's just me, but I've liked this combination from the very beginning and I don't know why!

Here's the plaid starting to weave up just perfect!

It's so chipper and pretty!

I'm trying something new this time.  I grabbed a whole stack of these tape measures last time we went to IKEA and I put some in the warp that was wound onto the back of the loom.  I'm also pinning it as I go, but I've never done that with a tape measure before, so I have no idea what to expect.  I'm pinning it under tension and maybe that is a bad thing, unless I take it into consideration...

Here's to another weaving experiment!

I am also thinking of cutting this blanket off half way through, since I know I'm making 2 blankets anyway.  The first blanket ALWAYS weaves up super great and the 2nd one never weaves as nice, so if I weave through half my materials and cut it off, the 2nd blanket has a better chance of looking just as super as the first one!  This is why the tape measures are really important this time around.  Plus, I can keep track of the size by the amount of repeats of bobbim colors.  Each bobbin color can be used 4 times total, and then I estimate this blanket will be long enough... maybe a few extra rows just to be on the safe side.

It's another experiment... hopefully it's one I won't regret!!