Monday, May 6, 2013


I am liking this sample a lot!  I especially like how organized the colors are.  In fact, I will use about the same amount of colors in this blanket as the everything warp, but they are just all grouped together.  I really like it!  I think when Brian sees it, he will like it to.  He likes things that are super organized rather than haphazardly thrown together!

 Another thing I like about this blanket so far is the fact that you can see the twill lines so much better.  I also like how they are opposite each other when the color changes.  I like it!

I'm glad I did a sample instead of jumping right into it.  I would worry that it wouldn't work out!  This sample is going to be about 12" across, and it took nearly all afternoon to thread.

I imagine the final one will take much much longer to thread!  Also, I will need to add heddles to my shafts.  Each shaft will need about 200 heddles to get through this blanket with 1300 threads!