Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Huck trees

The tree towels are on their way to being woven!  The warp is all measured and loaded into the reed, the heddles are all threaded, and we are ready to rock and roll!

I decided to go with a stone colored warp, and make the weft on each one different.  I plan on making about 6 towels, one of  which I will cut up for Christmas cards (if I have the heart to do so... I'm kind of liking these towels already... oops... that wasn't supposed to happen!)  I think I'm going to do a towel only in the stone color, one with a warp of brown, green, yellow, and I'm not sure on the last two yet.  Maybe a nice spruce blue and another brown or green.

Here are the stats:
56 threads total in each repeat
Set at 25 epi on 15 dent reed, so threaded 1-2-2
6 yard warp
approx. 20" across, so the design is repeated 9 times
504 threads

Here's the design again (from the Sept/Oct 1995 Handwoven magazine) and the skeleton tie-up I plan to use:

I want to get these tree towels ready in time for a Christmas craft show that one of my friends is doing in their home.  I hope I can sell a few of my handwoven towels!  I'm also going to put in some zen towels and a few other random ones I have on hand.